Stephanie is extremely talented.

For the entire reading, I either had chills or my jaw was dropping at how accurate her readingwas. You can tell she is really tapped into source and guides. I love how she is so kind and gentle in the way she provides you the information coming through. She really cares and is deeply passionate about what she does, it’s easy to see. The reading gave me so much clarity and steps forward to improve my life. I felt a sigh of relief afterwards. My grandfather also came through, which neither of us were expecting, and it was very powerful and moving. She is truly blessed beyond measure, and I can’t wait for my next reading with her. I would recommend her to anyone I know!

Crystal V. 2022

“I instantly felt comfortable around Stephanie.”

I’m French and my English isn’t perfect but Stephanie was so welcoming to me.
We went really deep into subjects that are really personal. It was almost frustrating how i felt that i already knew the answers inside of me. But hey, she is speaking with your own guide, nothing surprising. I was really surprised how spot on she was the whole time. Made me laugh, said things that can be hurtful to hear but necessary, always with empathie. Stephanie is someone that I would recommend 150% because she is here for YOU. I felt so much better and connected to myself after this session. So thank you again Stephanie for the great human being you are.

Denis S. 2022

“The session I did with Stephanie was very healing for me.”

She provided guidance to my questions that was kind, directional, and most importantly, everything she said was accurate. She highlighted future possibilities to my questions, but I also appreciate that the session was focused on how to move forward if I was feeling stuck anywhere. Overall I loved the session with Stephanie, highly recommend!

Ruhina M. 2022

“If you’re looking for an akashic records reader, you’ve definitely come to the right place!”

I HIGHLY recommend working with Stephanie! Stephanie has great energy and is incredibly skilled at tapping into your unique energetic signature, making messages from your guides accessible and direct. She shared so much wisdom during our call, and gave me practical recommendations for next steps on my soul’s journey. I was blown away by the accuracy, the specific messages that came through, and her powerful grounded presence! Thank you so much Stephanie – This reading was an absolute gift!

Sara C. 2022

“My reading with Stephanie was so comforting”

She explained what she was going to do and made me feel so welcome and relaxed. Her connection to source is so strong she was able to relay messages from a passed loved one. This was amazing to me!! We laughed because although it made no sense to Stephanie, it was a clear clear message for me!!

Stephanie’s reading also helped guide me in some questions I had for my career and relationships. She is a natural and I will definitely be booking another reading.

Amy M. 2022

“The reading brought clarity and reassurance.”

I did a one hour reading with Stephanie and it brought me the answers I was searching for as well as things I didn’t even know I needed. I was feeling a bit stuck with my business and direction in my life. The reading brought clarity and reassurance. It also sparked new ideas for directions I can go in and was that much needed “deep breath” and reminder to surrender, that we so often forget about. My grandpa even popped in to say hello which was very unexpected and uplifting. Both of us were in tears. I’m still riding a wave of joy and comfort that has lasted all day. I can’t recommend Stephanie enough!!

Anna M. 2022

“My Akashic reading with Stephanie was so healing and validating!”

She is so connected to Spirit and delivers messages with ease, grace and compassion. It truly feels like a chat with a friend, except she has direct access to your soul! I felt so seen, I recommend it to anyone looking for clarity and connection with their higher self, guides and loved ones on the other side!

Paula C. 2022